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Role of Protein in Weight Loss: 5 Reasons How it Can Help


Role of protein in weight loss

I think you surely want to know role of protein in weight loss when you are suggested to take a high protein diet during your weight loss process. When you start your journey of weight loss various questions come in your mind. A favorite question related to weight loss diet i.e. ‘role of protein in weight loss” or ’’ why I need to take protein in my diet ‘and how this helps to lose weight. Protein one of very important macro nutrient in our diet needed for the various body functions like growth and tissue repair and so many but it is also very helpful in weight loss.

There is very important role of protein in weight loss menu studies support the high protein for weight reduction. A high protein and energy restricted diet that contain about 1.2 to 1.6 gm protein per kg per day gives better result in weight management and improve cardio metabolic health and preserve lean mass.

Here are some reasons that will help you to know why protein is important in weight loss and this macronutrient helps this process.

role of protein in weight loss

1. Role of Protein to boost metabolism

High protein intake helps to boost metabolism help you burn more calorie. Protein is considered as king of all nutrients it performs various function in body. It also has very important role in losing weight as it boost metabolism but one thing always keep in mind that you would not lose weight if you take more calories than you burn, an active lifestyle with high protein diet is very helpful to achieve your weight loss goal.


2. Reduce appetite and change several weight regulating hormones

Brain particularly hypothalamus performs active role in weight regulation. It actually controls the appetite through various processes where some hormone works as signal of hunger and satiety. Protein reduces the level of hunger hormone ghrelin and increases the level of satiety hormones.
So high protein low carb and low fat diet reduces the hunger and improve satiety, this leads to automatic calorie reduction and helps to lose weight.

About 20-30 % of protein is burned while digesting and metabolizing the protein due to its thermic effect.


3. Protein has power to reduce the craving and desire to eat at night

Many people who face the problem of weight gain having the habit of late night snacking these are extra load of calories.
In a study in teenage girl’s high protein diet especially breakfast significantly reduces the craving.
Protein act on both ways to reduce calorie intake and calorie expenditure without intentional calorie portion restriction


4. It prevents from regaining weight

High protein diet not only good for weight loss but it also helps to maintain weight for long term.


5. Protein helps prevent muscle loss

During weight loss journey people unwillingly start losing muscle. Diet rich in protein prevent from muscle loss, keeps metabolic rate higher.
Strength training also reduces muscle loss and metabolic slowdown so high protein diet with strength training both together will helps you to lose weight effectively.


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