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Role of Drinking Water in Weight Loss: Know Its Benefits to Lose Weight


Hope you all know a very popular slogan about water ‘water is life’ and it is. Well in this post I will focus the role of water in weight loss. Yes, I will explain how drinking water is helpful in dieting. You will also know how much drinking water one should take.

Water is very essential for life we can live for weeks without food but cannot survive without water it consists about 60% of our body weight. All vital body function depends on water it helps to flush out toxins and waste materials from body and helps to regulate body temperature. It provides moisture carries nutrients throughout the body needed for proper hydration which is very important for overall health.

role of water in weightloss

Benefits of Drinking Water to Lose Weight: Know how drinking water is important to lose weight

Water helps to lose weight many studies shows that drinking water actually helps to lose weight and maintain body weight as it increase metabolism.

Drinking Water helps to burn more calories by increasing resting energy expenditure (REE). REE increase about 24-30%in adults with in 10 min of drinking water and lost for 60 min.

You can lose weight by replacing high calorie beverages with plain drinking water by doing this you can cut some extra calorie consumption.

Water actually does not have any magical properties to lose weight but it will support you to achieve your weight loss goal.

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According to a study drink 500 ml water can increase your rate of metabolism by 30%.

When we drink a glass of cold water (lower than the body temperature i.e 70 f) than body needs to burn more calories to warm up the body temperature.

Drinking 16 ounce of water before 30-60 min of each meal helps in nutrient absorption.

Avoid drinking beverages during meal you can sip warm water or tea during meals

Drink between meals not during meals, drink before meal reduces appetite sometimes thirst may be confused with hunger prangs.

When you drink any liquid  no or low calorie or water before meal, you feel full which helps to eat less help to consume less calorie to aid in weight loss and improve digestion speed the weight loss process.

According to penn state (author of the volumetric weight control plan ), choosing water non calorie beverages high water food make you feel healthier filling and helps to cut down more calories

As we know our body is very much depends upon water but when talking about water and its benefits one question comes in our mind that is how much water we actually need to drink?

Actually there is no set rule about water consumption because it depends on various factors like age, weight, sex, atmosphere, climate, diet, disease, activity etc.

You should drink fluid to excrete about 1200- 1500 ml fluid as urine a day in tropical areas where more water lost through perspiration.

About 7-8 glasses (2400-3000) of fluid are needed to maintain this much of urine.

According to John Koelmay, RD dietitian for beverages institute and industry group, water is nutrient present in liquid plain water and foods all of these are essential daily to replace the water loss each day.

Kaiser Permanente nephrologist Steven guest MD SAYS FLUID CONTINUOUSLY LOSS THROUGH SKIN EVAPORATION BREATHING URIN AND STOOL, these losses must be replaced optimum health proper fluid balance is essential to prevent dehydration or over hydration

You may hear a recommendation of drinking water at least 8-10 glass a day and this is nearly the same as recommendation of institute of medicine (IOM).

According to the IOM women get 2-7 lit 11 cups and men get 3-7lit 15 cups of water per day.

So water also plays an important role in weight loss. Drinking recommended water protects us from various diseases and infections. Well stay healthy and also share these benefits of drinking water with your friends and family.


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