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Reasons Why You Should Eat Breakfast Every Day


Eat breakfast like a king lunch like prince and dinner like beggar.

Its old but true this means you should eat big breakfast average lunch and tiny dinner to live a health life. Friends, many people have query on eating breakfast so I have written this detailed article about ‘why you should eat breakfast’. Just continue your reading…

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Reasons to Eat Breakfast

Provide energy and essential nutrients to the body: Read following importance of breakfast facts to clear doubts:

  • Breakfast literally means breaking fast as it’s your first meal of the day after along gap about 7-8 hours.
  • Prolonged fasting makes your energy levels down you may feel sluggish in the morning and rest of the day mostly people have maximum activity level at the morning.
  • Breakfast helps to restore the energy level and improve metabolism and memory.
  • It provides maximum energy to the body and brain after an overnight fasting.
  • Not only calories breakfast food is good source of other nutrients also such as calcium iron vitamin b protein and fiber.
  • According to many researches breakfast helps to fulfill these essential nutrients if you missed at breakfast then it is difficult to compensate the loss in rest of the day.
  • Whatever you have in the morning it affects your body metabolism and energy level.
  • We can have big meal at this time it will burn well because mostly people have maximum activity level in the morning.
  • Breakfast is very important meal for better health so it should be a perfect combination of nutrients like carbohydrate, protein and fiber.
  • An ideal breakfast must have all 5 groups of nutrients carbohydrate, protein, fat vitamin minerals you should have breakfast within 2 hours of waking for better results.

There is no doubt above points gives some solid reasons to eat breakfast. Following headlines will cover importance of breakfast and its benefits.

Helps to stabilise blood glucose levels

Due to prolong fasting glycogen stores deprived glycogen stores in the muscles, liver where it releases glucose slowly overnight for energy when all energy from glycogen is used up. Body start break fatty acids for energy without carbohydrate fatty acids are partially oxidised which can cause restore your glycogen, store and boost energy level as well.


Breakfast kick start your metabolism helps you to start more calories throughout the day. Who eat proper and heavy breakfast has high BMR than those who does not eat proper Break Fast.

High BMR helps you to burn more fat and low BMR promotes fat storage.
If you do not eat breakfast you will be more likely to overeat or have larger meal intake next meal time.

Researchers found that people who have BF are thinner, healthier and have better eating habits.

Who eat breakfast have nutritious diet than those who skip eating. Food with protein fiber make you feel full and prevent from hunger prangs and unhealthy snacking those who are high in sugar and fat.

Skipping meals does not help you to lose weight by doing this you can only push yourself to develop snacking habits and give a negative impact on your health.

Having breakfast is good for overall health including better memory improve concentration, lover bad cholesterol (LDL), lover chances of diabetes mellitus, heat diseases and obesity.

The study of American heart association conference 2003, every day having breakfast may reduce the risk of obesity and insulin resistance and early sign of developing diabetes by 35 to 50%.

Studies found that skipping breakfast increases risk of developing T-2 DM, obesity, metabolic syndrome increase LDL level and lower the level of HDL, prolong fasting may increase the risk of hypertension and heart disease. Another study on men for 16 years published in journal of circulation found that those who skip breakfast were 27% more likely to develop heart disease.

According to National Health Service eating breakfast has long term health benefits; it can reduce obesity high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. So there are so many benefits of eating breakfast.

Memory and Concentration
Specially teen agers and children who eat proper and healthy breakfast perform well in school and other activities have good concentration, memory and problem solving skills.

A study on children shows that breakfast helps to improve memory concentration lower stress and make them happier improve attention and also linked to improve grades. As you know brain also need energy to perform its function and help to restore glucose level which is needed for energy.
As healthy breakfast is major source of many essential nutrients so in lack of these nutrients you may feel lethargic, your activity level goes down you may feel restless, reduce spatial and short term memory which affect your performance hence it is very important for everyone to have good nutritious breakfast for healthy life.

Friends hope you will take benefits of this post on ‘importance of breakfast’. I have tried to point out major reasons to eat breakfast. So why you should eat breakfast? You knew it.  If you liked the post, share it with your friends, family and help them to live a healthy life.

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