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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds (Methi) You Must Know



Welcome friends today I going to explain about health benefits of fenugreek seed which is known as methi in Hindi. You will explore several health benefits of this amazing herb including its side effects.

What is Fenugreek Seed (Methi)

Fenugreek is a yellow flat aromatic pungent seeds and it is very common spice in your kitchen which is used for culinary purpose. It is very popular throughout world especially in India for its medicinal properties and widely used in home remedies to treat a number of health issues. These seeds have bitter taste, strong aroma and flavor. Fenugreek belongs to Fabacease botanically known as trignolle forenum graecum. It is used in the form of  herb spice ,vegetable and sprouts as fenugreek leafs use as vegetable and dried form of leaf is used in herb , seed used as sprouted form and powder and paste  of seeds used for various purpose.

 health benefits of fenugreek seeds

Health Benefits of Fenugreek Seed

There are a number of health benefits of fenugreek seed   and they mostly come from its nutrients that include fiber, vitamin, thiamin, riboflavin niacin vitamin K,A,C, B6 and minerals like iron, copper, potassium, calcium, selenium ,zinc manganese, magnesium and some phytonutrients like yamogenin, gitogenin,  diosgenin, cholin, trigonelline, tigogenin and neotigogens.

It is used as medicine in ayurveda very popular as home remedy for some common problems. It is a good laxative and stimulates lactation. Benefits of fenugreek  for health not include only anemia, fever, dandruff, stomach disorder, respiratory disorder, mouth ulcer, sore throat, diabetes, inflammation problems but also improve digestion, lowers cholesterol, protect heart and boost immunity. It also protects from infection,  digestive system related problem like loss of appetite, indigestion, constipation, inflammation of stomach and gastritis. Methi helps in diabetes, menstruation PCOs obesity, cardiovascular disease, reduce hardening of arteries, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, respiratory tract infection bronchitis, cough cancer etc. It is a good diuretic carminative helps to detoxify body. It is found that fenugreek seeds are beneficial to reduce cholesterol diabetes and weight loss. Popularly used for hair and skin related issues good for lactating women’s.

Benefits of Fenugreek for Diabetes

Diabetes is actually a serious problem which directly connected to your life style and eating pattern. When we are talking about health benefits of methi it is important to take a view on some benefits of fenugreek seed on diabetes. Some studies on it found that it is effectively controls sugar level in blood and lowers the insulin resistance. It is recommended to take 5 to 10 grams of seed daily helpful in diabetes. These seed are rich in soluble fiber that slowdown the release of sugar and slows the digestion process and improve glucose tolerance also reduces the triglyceride and bad cholesterol.

 Benefits of Methi in Hypercholesterolemia

It is found that fenugreek seeds help to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL). Methi is rich source of fiber and saponin that lowers the absorption of cholesterol and triglyceride. Flavonoid naringenin effectively lowers lipid level. Soluble fiber galactomannan attach to fat cholesterol and blood clots that blocks arteries and blood passage forms a gelatinous substance help to clean blood vessels by eliminating them from body. And prevents from cardiac disease, atherosclerosis stroke and protects from oxidative damages. High amount of potassium in help to maintain electrolyte balance control blood pressure and heart rate and it effectively reduce triglycerides and bad cholesterol. Consuming soaked seed helps to lowering blood cholesterol level (LDL)

Benefits of Fenugreek for Cancer

Fenugreek seed contain significant amount of phytochemical with other nutrients helps to protects from cancer by reducing cancerous substance. It reduces cholesterol its flavonoids naringenin that lowers lipid prevents from cancer. Oil extract from seeds helps to reduce the risk of cancer, It has a good amount phytochemical diosgenin saponin hemicelluloses mucilage and pectin that protects from cancer especially from colon cancer as it help to eliminate waste.

Benefits of Fenugreek for Menstruation cycle

Fenugreek seeds help to reduce pain in menstruation and other symptoms also. Seeds have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties reduce pain fatigue headache and nausea. It is found that eases the process of menstruation and reduces the symptoms of menses like pain mood swings fatigue cramps etc. It is good emmenagogue, that encourages menstrual bleeding good for those who suffers from oligommenorrhea and obstructed blood flow during menses.


Benefits of Fenugreek for Breast Feeding Mother

These seeds contain Phytoestrogen Diogenes that increase milk production in lactating women and it has magnesium vitamin that Improve quality of milk and promotes weight gain in infants.

Benefits of fenugreek for arthritis

It has anti-inflammatory properties that helps in arthritis and reduce pain

Benefits of Fenugreek for Constipation, Liver and Digestion

It has anti-microbial properties protects liver from damages, good for digestion as it is rich in dietary fiber. Most of the health benefits come from saponin and fiber; mucilage that for gelatinous substance when mixed with water. It helps to remove toxins from liver and protects from serious liver diseases lowers the function in liver may cause due to the alcohol consumption and   helps to metabolizes alcohol. It is effective in indigestion, gastritis ulcer and other gastric problems.  It is considered as good laxative as seeds contain significant amount of fiber that helps to increase bulk in stool that is beneficial for constipation ,mucilage in it help in excretion of waste.

 Benefits of Fenugreek for Weight Loss

It is better to consume sprouted methi fiber helps you to feel full as the soluble fiber in it absorb water and Increase satiety ,reduce overall intake of food. Fiber suppresses appetite. Reduce huger craving fiber prevents from fat accumulation improve metabolism o fat and glucose.

Support digestion process helps to regulate blood sugar increase weight loss process reduce appetite and promote fat breakdown and body, burn more calorie fiber, reduce hunger prangs, protects from over eating. Having methi seeds in spouts increase the process of weight loss as it has vitamin A,E,C and B calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, amino acids.

Benefits of Fenugreek for Skin

Mostly it is used to treat skin related problems because it anti-aging. It reduces fine line wrinkle acne germinated seed rich in antioxidant helpful in  free radical damages. Rich in antibacterial properties anti-oxidants are good for other skin related problems also like burn boils scars etc. and it reduces skin inflammation.

Benefits of Fenugreek for Hairs

Very popularly used for hair for strengthening root it promotes hair growth, good source of protein nicotinic acid and prevents from breakage. Seeds contain lecithin that makes hairs shiny and glossy. Dandruff is very common problem of scalp which is caused by dryness and fungal infection this helps to remove dandruff as it has anti-fungal properties. It Prevent hair fall add shine and fight dandruff also prevent premature graying of hairs

Fenugreek Seed Side Effects

Fenugreek seed has long history of its beneficial role from cooking to medicine and supplements. It is widely used to avail these properties to promote overall health and to live a disease free life. But it is very important to take in moderation because over consumption of seeds in any form may cause some adverse effects also. So there are some points on side effect of fenugreek.


  • It has some side effects also overdose increase diarrhea, bloating and gas.
  • Do not apply directly on skin because direct application on skin may increase irritation.
  • Over consumption may cause excessive bleeding.
  • Those take blood thinning should not take methi without consulting doctor.
  • As you know it helps to lower the sugar level in blood so do not take excess amount without proper guidance as it may cause hypoglycemia
  • During pregnancy do not take as supplement because it has oxytocin that brings uterine contraction.

Herbs are really beneficial for us to live healthy life. I hope you will also take these benefits of fenugreek. If you like this article, share with your friends and family and recommend them a healthy living.

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