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benefits of resistant starch for health


Benefits of resistant starch for health

It has various health benefits as it work as soluble and fermentable fiber. As its name suggest it resist in digestion means resistant starch not broken down and absorbed by small intestine. It goes through your stomach and small intestine undigested, eventually reaching your colon where it feeds your friendly gut bacteria and produces short chain fatty acid  such as acetate butyrate and propionate along with some  gases.

Benefits of resistant starch for gut

Resistant starch passes through stomach and intestine unchanged as it reach to  large intestine it digested by  gut microbiota and produces short chain fatty acid which helps to feed colonic cell as fuel. These gut friendly bacteria forms some beneficial compounds like butyrate.

Some of the short chain fatty acid absorbed by body as it travels form colon to bloodstream, liver and rest of the body.

Resistant starch also reduces pH level and reduce inflammation prevents from colorectal cancer. Helps to keep regular bowel movement as it add bulk to stool and prevents constipation.

It also prevent abnormal bacterial growth and enhance mineral absorption, SCFAs stimulates blood flow in colon.

It also reduces the risk of crohn’s disease  and inflammatory bowel disease.

Benefits of resistant starch for metabolic health

It plays very beneficial role to Increase insulin sensitivity. Resistant starches lower the blood fat and it helps to lowering postprandial glucose when it is included in breakfast. Due to slow digestion nutrient slowly released in blood stream and prevent quick rise in blood sugar level.

Benefits for resistant starch for weight reduction

It contains few calories as compare to other starch. Resistant starch gives approx. 2 kcal per gram.

Resistant starch work like soluble fiber which make you feel full for longer and lower appetite. SCFA helps to increase the release of satiety hormones. As it slowly get digested give slow release of nutrient in blood stream and reduce appetite.

Food rich in resistant starch

Potato and rice coked and cooled

Green banana


Cashew and raw oats



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