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Welcome to Nutrition Friends thanks for being here to know about blog. Nutrition Blog .in is a health blog that encourage you to live healthy lifestyle. Nutrition blog shares informative and helpful article about Health, Nutrition and Diet. If you are one of them who cares lots about health and believe in healthy life, Make sure you are at right blog. I don’t think it is necessary to let you know, the importance of healthy life. Every one knows and actually want to live healthy too. We all remember a very famous line about health- “Health is wealth”.

What you get at NutritionBlog?

  • You will explore important health tips that help you to live a healthy life.
  • Effective Diet Tips.
  • What, how and when to eat?
  • About Healthy Recipes

Person Behind

Hi there, I am Mamta Sharma author and blogger at Nutrition By profession I am Dietician (Master in Food and Dietetics). I love to encourage and aware people about health. The main motto to start this blog is to help people with their diet.

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